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Jackyl Kicks off Their US Tour in Illinois April 22nd and Indiana April 23rd, 2021

Jackyl kicked off this leg of their tour in the Midwest! First playing to a packed house at Afterlife Music Hall in Lombard Illinois on Thursday April 22nd, and the next night to a Sold Out crowd at the Hobart Art Theatre in Hobart, Indiana. Originally Jackyl booked the Hobart Art Theatre first and added the Illinois date later. None the less, Jackyl only had a handful of tickets left for their first show at Afterlife Music Hall in Illinois. Their sold out show at the Hobart Art Theatre was a riot! The standing room area at the front of the theater was packed tight and hard to maneuver through. Might as well walk back to the bar and around the other side, which is a sign of a great theater show!

For anyone who hasn’t seen Jackyl before you’re in for a high energy, maybe slightly unusual, rock show! You know Jackyl’s about to take the stage when “Rhinestone Cowboy” by Glen Campbell comes on. Chris Worley comes out first, stands behind his drum kit and waves at the crowd, makes some faces and even “dabbed” at the Illinois show! Then Jeff Worley comes out and does something similar, stands center stage waving and smiling at the crowd, then kicks off “Blast Off” and the rest of the band comes out! Jackyl played the same setlist at both shows, but of course no shows are ever the same! But things you can always expect are, of course Jesse James Durpee will be bringing out a chainsaw at the end of the show and cut up a bar stool! Also Jesse likes to spit his water, so if you’re in the front row you might get a bit wet! None of the band members have issues getting up close and personal! Roman Glick the bassist, likes to stand at the edge of the stage and bang his head, I think one of his objectives at the Indiana show was to see how many times he could hit me with his hair! Always one of my favorite bassists to photograph! Also Jeff likes to push his microphone forward, a lot, which I have never seen any other musician do! Definitely a non-traditional high energy rock show every time they come to town!


Vocals/Guitar/Chainsaw - Jesse James Dupree

Lead Guitar - Jeff Worley

Bass - Roman Glick

Drums - Chris Worley

April 22nd at Brauer House, Lombard IL

April 23rd Hobart Art Theatre, Hobart IN

Set list for both nights

  1. My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass

  2. Mental Masturbation

  3. Encore (It Makes My Bic Dig Her)

  4. Screwdriver

  5. Down on Me

  6. Push Comes to Shove

  7. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

  8. Just Because I'm Drunk

  9. Secret of the Bottle

  10. I Stand Alone

  11. When Will It Rain

  12. Dirty Little Mind

  13. Redneck Punk

  14. She Loves My Cock

  15. The Lumberjack


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