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Sold Out TESLA, Enuff Z'Nuff, Cuttlass in Island Lake, Illinois 9-25-21

Sold Out TESLA show with Enuff Z’Nuff and Cuttlass at Sideouts Sports Tavern!

It was a perfect Saturday night for an outdoor concert, T-shirt and jean weather till the sun went down then time for a light jacket! Enuff Z’Nuff opened the show starting promptly at 6:30 with a beautiful sunset backdrop, or should I say frontdop as that’s what they saw over the sea of people standing in the sand jamming along! Sideouts is a rather unique venue, as I mentioned everything is in the sand and there is no photo pit! I know most photographers would complain about this but I love the onstage and crowd shots I’m able to get at this place! Another rock band from Chicago was up next, Cuttlass! Then of course Tesla! If you were not aware these guys were still touring (for some crazy reason)you definitely need to check them out! I’ve seen them a handful of times over the past decade and they never disappoint! Such a great live band! My fan girl is showing a bit, but I was ecstatic to hear them play their brand new sing “Cold Blue Steel” just released a few months ago! They also played “Caught In A Dream” which I haven’t heard at live shows a lot!

Oh, almost forgot, I loved seeing Tesla watch Enuff Z’Nuff play and vice versa! There are way to many bands that don’t show up until the moment they go on stage and then leave right after they are done performing. Not these guys! Such a great night of live music!

Enuff Z'Nuff:

Singer - Chip Znuff

Guitar - Tory Stoffregen

Guitar - Tony Fennell

Drums - Daniel B. Hill

Cuttlass Band:

Scott Couch - Drums

Jeff Hundrieser - Vocals

Bob Sanetra - Bass

Victor Vasquez - Guitar

Nick Cox - Guitar


Singer - Jeff Keith

Guitar - Frank Hannon

Guitar - Dave Rude

Bass - Brian Wheat

Drums - Steve Brown


1.) Cumin' Atcha Live

2.) Modern Day Cowboy

3.) Cold Blue Steel

4.) Breakin' Free

5.) Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)

6.) Miles Away

7.) Changes

8.) Into the Now

9.) Caught in a Dream

10.) Thank You (Led Zeppelin cover)

11.) Paradise

12.) Rock Me to the Top

13.) What You Give

14.) Call It What You Want

15.) Edison's Medicine (Man Out of Time)

16.) Love Song

17.) Signs (Five Man Electrical Band cover)


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