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Joe Bonamassa at the Peoria Civic Center, Peoria IL 2-22-23

Joe Bonamassa brought the heat and shook the rafters of the Peoria Civic Center Wednesday night! The cold rainy weather wasn’t stopping this party of rhythm and blues! Even on a week day the Civic Center theater was full of fans ready to see a fantastic show! Joe Bonamassa is a crazy talented songwriter and guitarist, the emotion he portrays through this guitar is amazing! Speaking of guitars he changed guitars nearly every song! I also loved that the talented members of his band were both young and old as well as black and white! I was digging the tattoos I could see on the guitarist’s arms, I caught a guitar and some music notes! Also the lovely backup singers were rocking some sparkly suits which I loved! Fabulous performance by Joe and his incredible band!


Evil Mama

Dust Bowl

Love Ain't a Love Song

Self Inflicted Wounds

Just Cuz You Can

Shout About It

Double Trouble

Didn't Think She Would Do It

A Conversation With Alice

Happier Times

Lonely Boy

Just Got Paid

Sloe Gin


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