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Sold Out Foreigner at Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, Illinois 8-15-21

Foreigner rocked a sold out crowd at the Peoria Civic Center on a Sunday night in Peoria Illinois! As with all bands right know, Foreigner clearly couldn't wait to get back on tour and play for their fans! However they did require that the first two rows wear masks wheather they were vaccinated or not. This is the first show I've encounter where the band had mask rules. That being said, it did not effect the bands high energy interaction with the crowd!

Surprisingly there was no opening band, so Foreigner hit the stage around 7:45. They played for over an hour including all their hits and a tune they don't usually play "Blue Morning"! However they did not do any acoustic songs which they have thrown into sets the past few years. Which I was a bit bummed about personally. Jeff Pilson's acoustic arrangement of "Say You Will" is amazing, and I have always looked forward to seeing the guys nail it live the past year or so! I guess "Blue Morning" was the trade out. Kelly Hansen still did his usual picking on people who are on their phones constantly! He also particularly picked on this group that was front and center sitting for over half the show! Kelly said "Why do the people in the best seats in the house always sit down...and they're on their phone!" So great! Another amusing moment I hadn't seen before was Kelly moved everyone's microphones around so they were singing in weird directions, not facing the crowd. One of the guitarists and bassist were facing each other and the other guitarist was facing the pianist. It was rather amusing since they couldn't move the stands until the song was over! They always give a phenomenal performance and this was no exception!


Singer - Kelly Hansen

Guitarist - Bruce Watson

Guitarist - Luis Maldonado

Bassist - Jeff Pilson

Drummer - Chris Frazier


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