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The Guess Who at the Genesee Theatre, Waukegan IL 12-28-23

Updated: Jan 5

The Guess Who back at the Genesee Theatre Thursday, December 28th! Just in time to get everyone rocking into the New Year! I caught their last show here and definitely didn’t want to miss this one! You might not know but The Guess Who just released a new album called ‘Plein D’Amour’! Of course, they played a handful of new tunes from the album, along with all the hits! A highlight of the show for me was when they brought all the guys up to a microphone to do some a cappella singing! I’m a sucker for a lovely vocal arrangement, and this showcased it beautifully! Another highlight, whenever I see these guys, is singer Derek Sharp periodically making fun of the guys and everyone messing with each other! I particularly remember an incident when Derek was poking fun at guitarist, Michael Staertow, and Michael was not even paying attention to him at all! Never a dull moment with these boys! Derek also tried to teach the crowd some French! Hence, the new album name ‘Plein D’Amour’ is French! I also loved hearing the founding member of The Guess Who, Mr. Garry Peterson, tell stories in between songs! I usually don’t talk about particular shots but… I got some fun crowd shots of Derek Sharp with these ladies in the front row! At the beginning of the show he was walking around the stage talking, got distracted and literally said “Look how close you are”! I just loved how genuinely excited he was about this!

These guys are always tight and an absolute blast to see! 


Singer - Derek Sharp

Guitarist - Michael Staertow

Bassist - Greg Smith

Pianist - Teddy Andreadis

Drummer - Garry Peterson


Peter Gunn

The King

Clap for the Wolfman


No Sugar Tonight/ New Mother Nature

People Around Me

Shakin' All Over


Hand Me Down World

Share the Land

American Woman


Plein D'Amour

These Eyes

No Time


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