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The Guess Who Rocked the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois 1-30-22

The Guess Who started off the year right with their second show of 2022 at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois! Even on a cold January Sunday night people packed this beautiful old theater to hear the songs written by the musical legend that is The Guess Who! Even though the entire audience was older, even the singer Derek Sharp jokingly made a remark about no young people being there, it was the most packed show I’ve seen there since Covid! Some might think I’m over selling it when I refer to The Guess Who as a musical legend, but some have no idea how many artists have done remakes of their songs! Let me tell you, there are a LOT of remakes out there, and that’s because the songs are great! In turn this makes the songs last the test of time which is the ultimate goal of any musician!

Let’s get back to the packed live show! You’re probably wondering, as I had people asking me before I even got to the show, how many original members will be performing? In short, the only original member is the drummer Garry Peterson, who has been playing since 1962! I particularly loved how every few songs the whole band would leave the stage and let Garry tell some stories and background about the songs! I have to say what I was most impressed with was the bands great interaction! As I mentioned earlier the crowd was all older and not going to be jumping around and standing the whole show, and the singer Derek was great at talking with the crowd and interacting with them! As well, the band's on stage banter and interactions being rather amusing! Honestly some bands suck when they aren’t getting reactions from the crowd and The Guess Who is definitely not one of them. They know their audience and how to work them! It was great to see everyone sitting when they started the show but by the end of the night everyone was on their feet! Definitely a fun night full of great music!

Band Members

Derek Sharp - Singer/Guitar

Leonard Shaw - Pianist

Garry Peterson - Drummer

Michael Staertow - Guitarist

Michael Devin - Bassist

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