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Black Stone Cherry at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois 12-12-21

Black Stone Cherry played to a packed house on December 12 at The Forge in Joliet Illinois, on a Sunday night nonetheless! Despite the Monday morning work blues that would be hitting them shortly, a few hundred people came out to rock! And that’s just what happened!

The night started out with a local rock band from Illinois called Yet Again! They got the crowd ready for a band hailing from Rome Georgia called The Georgia Thunderbolts!

Yet Again:

Brad Heilman - Drums

Vic Sabal - Guitar

Ted Nott - Vocals

The Georgia Thunderbolts lit up the stage with some bluesy southern rock that was sure to impress the fans there to see Black Stone Cherry! The Georgia Thunderbolts have no shortage of hair, and in my case hair shots, and charisma! They got the crowds hands up and clapping to there songs multiple times throughout their set! They released their self-titled debut EP August 21st via Mascot Records, be sure to check it out!

The Georgia Thunderbolts:

TJ Lyle - Vocals

Zach Everett - Bass

Logan Tolbert - Guitar

Black Stone Cherry has been coming to this venue since before it was called The Forge, so it’s kind of a family reunion with the fans around here! Or, as Ben Wells said “Like our home not so far from home”, since they are from Kentucky which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from here in Illinois! These guys always up on a great show! I personally always look forward to the fun challenge of seeing Ben Wells bounce around on stage and trying to get still shots! If you’ve seen them before then you know what I’m talking about! Also I loved this little hiccup in the set, Chris Robertson was introducing the song and then totally missed his musical que to start playing. So he informed the crowd on what just happened and then had the band restart! All good the second time around! Just a reminder that we are all human and that this is live! Black Stone Cherry played all the hits along with a few from the new album The Human Condition, including “In Love With The Pain” and “Ringin' In My Head”! I ended up spending half of their set standing behind a young teenager about 15 at the show with her family! I loved seeing her get into and sing all the songs! She even managed to get a guitar pick which she was very excited about! It was a night full of great music and fans of all ages!


Singer and guitarist - Chris Robertson

Guitarist - Ben Wells

Bassist - Steve Jewell


  1. Me and Mary Jane

  2. Burnin'

  3. Again

  4. In My Blood

  5. Ringin' in My Head

  6. Like I Roll

  7. Give Me One Reason

  8. Cheaper to Drink Alone

  9. Soul Creek

  10. Devil's Queen

  11. In Love With the Pain

  12. Blind Man

  13. Blame It On The Boom Boom

  14. White Trash Millionaire

  15. Lonely Train


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