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John Oates at the Genesee Theatre 5-25-5

Thursday night was full of songs and stories done acoustic style by John Oates, half of the singer songwriter duo that is Hall and Oates!

It was an absolutely beautiful summer day, a bit on the chilly side, but sunny and inviting for an evening out at the lovely Genesee Theatre! A number of die hard fans gathered to see, and hear, the stories and tales behind John Oates songs! Most people wouldn’t guess this, but I am an absolute sucker for a good acoustic! Especially when the musicians are actually talented enough and willing to change up old tunes and reinvent them! Which is exactly what John Oates did! I also loved hearing back stories to nearly every song played that night! Not only that but some incite behind songs the musicians loved while growing up! Aka what people call covers. Oates played Hall & Oates, solo and cover songs! All in an acoustic folkie fashion! Which if you didn’t know, is where he “gets his roots from'' as they say! Oates has released a handful of solo albums along with a brand new one released during Covid in 2020 which he played tunes off of as well! I remember he was asking the audience if anyone had heard one of the new songs he was going to play and a lady yelled out “I watch it every night”! Oates repeated what she said and then made some “biggest fan” comments throughout the show! It just reminded me that there always seems to be that one crazy fan girl that yells things out, particularly at acoustic shows! I usually refer to them as the “I love you fans”, you know the girl that repeatedly yelled "I love you' ' throughout the show?! Well, “I watch it every night” was different and definitely more amusing than the “I love you” fans! Oates ended the show with an Elvis tune since he was heading to Europe in a few days to play some Elvis songs with a handful of legendary guitarists including Brian May of Queen! It was a fun filled evening in an intimate setting with a bunch of John Oates biggest fans!



Lose It in Louisiana

Pushin' A Rock

Nunca Te Olvidare


Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

She's Gone

Please Send Me Someone to Love

Out of Touch

Promise Ain't Enough


All Shook Up

What a Wonderful World

You Make My Dreams


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