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Night Ranger Rocks The Genesee Theatre in Waukegan Illinois, April 1 2022

Night Ranger rocked the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan Illinois to over a thousand people on Friday April first! No this is not an April fools joke, “You Can Still Rock in America”! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can got to the important stuff! For starters I’d like to mention this is the first show I’ve gotten to while the sun was still out! Spring really is here! Also want to mention that Brad Gillis was not at this show due to a leg injury. No one filled in for him either. Keri Kelli and Eric Levy did a great job at picking up the slack! If you haven’t seen Night Ranger in the last decade (you’re missing out) you probably won’t know that they usually throw in a few Damn Yankees songs and one of my personal favorites “Secret Of My Success” which is a movie soundtrack! But seriously if you have not seen these guys live you are missing out! They always sound great, tons of energy, supper fun to see and continually mess with each other on stage! I’m still not sure how Kelly Keagy manages to sing lead and play drums at the same time, but he kills it every time! Oh, and did I mention (to my knowledge) Night Ranger is the only band that has there drummer off to the side! I honestly love this! Now people can actually see him! And of course Jack Blades is still fronting this band stronger than ever! He sounds and looks great even while running around the stage! No joke! I loved watching him up close while taking pics, he was front and center then over to stage right to mess with Keri then over to stage left to mess with Kelly then back to his microphone to sing! He’s the freaking energizer bunny!

Speaking of messing with people, I counted at least twice Jack Blades decided on the spot to completely change songs! I thought it was great, love on the whim song choices! One time Kelly Keagy even got up from behind the drum kit and pretended to throw a fit at Jack Blades! I’m telling you, these guys are a riot! Also something I’ve seen them do before and am glad they still did at this show was have everyone in the band come and drum on Kellys drum kit at the end of the song “Night Ranger”! Keri Kelli even wore a wolf mask for some reason! It was definitely a fun filled night with great music in a beautiful theater!

Night Ranger Band Members:

Jack Blades - Lead Singer and Bassist

Kelly Keagy - Lead Singer and Percussionist

Keri Kelli - Guitarist

Eric Levy - Pianist


1.) Somehow Someway

2.) 4AM

3.) Sing Me Away

4.) Coming of Age

5.) Sentimental Street

6.) Secret of My Success

7.) High Road

8.) Call My Name

9.) Night Ranger

10.) Come Again/High Enough

11.) Goodbye

12.) When You Close Your Eyes

13.) Don't Tell Me You Love Me

14.) Sister Christian

15.) You Can Still Rock In America

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