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Slaughter at Afterlife in Lombard IL 8-7-21

Slaughter rocked a packed house at Afterlife in Lombard IL August 7th! Before many shows at the Afterlife you can find fans right next store at the venues bar and grill grabbing a bite to eat! Then they can walk just next door to the live music venue! The Afterlife was nice and cool when the first opening band started, but by the time the second band ended and everyone started packing in, it was rather hot! Always a sign of a good rock show!

Slaughter started out the show with a hit (of course) "Mad About You" which was sure to get the crowd going! And it definitely did! As some might know Mark Slaughter usually walks through the crowd and takes selfies with some fans during the show! since this wasn't possible with the packed floor he knelt down and took a selfie with a cancer survivor April and her mom who were up front! Jeff Blando grabbed Aprils phone later in the show but must have touched the screen because I have a picture with him holding the phone saying "What am I supposed to do with this?"! Ok, he didn't actually say that but his face did! You can see that April's phone is back to her lock screen so Jeff couldn't do anything with it! But she fixed it and Jeff grabbed her phone and tried it again! I think Dana Strum was feeling left out because he also grabbed s fans phone during the show! Lastly at the end of the show when Jeff and Dana let fans strum the guitars a girl Nichole actually started playing it! So Jeff without hesitation reaches down and pulls her right up on stage! You could tell by her face she couldn't believe this was happening! It was definitely a fun rock show!


Singer - Mark Slaughter

Guitarist - Jeff Blando

Bassist - Dana Strum

Drummer - Will Hunt


1.) Mad About You

2.) Burnin' Bridges

3.) Spend My Life

4.) Immigrant Song

5.) Eye to Eye

6.) Desperately

7.) The Wild Life

8.) Days Gone By

9.) Real Love

10.) Fly to the Angels

11.) Up All Night

12.) Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who Cover)


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