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Geoff Tate at the Arcada Theatre, St Charles IL 12-4-22

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Geoff Tate back rocking the Arcada Theatre for another Christmas show! Last year’s show was just a few days earlier! I love how so many bands have made the Arcada a yearly stop!

Mark Daly and The Ravens started off the show, who’s band happens to be half of Geoff Tates members! Alex Heart, Jack Ross and Danny Laverde are pulling double duty this tour! Mark Daly is a singer/songwriter from Ireland with some previous hits of his own, “The Heart’s Reminder” reaching #2 on the Irish Download Charts! I personally loved hearing Mark say he loves playing in the US because we’re so supportive of original live music! Now, just for the record, most of my favorite bands are more popular on the other side of the world, so I’m not sure about the whole US but us midwesterners definitely love our original live music! Mark also played acoustic guitar on a few songs which is when I noticed he plays lefty! In case you didn’t know, I stated it that way because a lot of left handed people still learn to play instruments right handed! Also this reminded me of one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters and guitarists Luke Morley of Thunder who also happens to play left handed and be from Europe! Then Mark asked if we wanted to hear a funny song? Of course! But this too reminded me of Thunder. I regularly describe Thunder as a band that specializes in funny but true songs, and this seems to also apply to Marks songs! Apprarently Europeans humor lends itself to songs more than Americans, and/or Americans just take things to seriously! Either way Mark Daly and The Ravens have made a great addition to Geoff Tates tour and are not to be missed! So don’t get there late!


Singer - Mark Daly

Guitarist - James Brown

Guitarist - Alex Hart

Bassist - Jack Ross

Drummer - Danny Laverde

Anyone who's seen a show at the Arcada Theatre knows the owner Ron Onesti comes out to intro the headliners and pay tribute to veterans, teachers, first responders, nurses and the like! This is kinda old news for us Arcada Regulars that see shows here all the time, I usually don't even take pictures of this anymore except I noticed the guitarists Kieran Robertson and Alex Hart watching from side stage! Alex even mentioned "There are a few things I really look forward to on the road, this is one of them"! How sweet is that?!

This show was almost to the date a year from the last time Geoff Tate played at the Arcada! Unlike last year they aren’t playing any albums in their entirety but did play a few songs they rarely play including one tune called “Cold” which Geoff mentioned he has recently fallen in love with again! Also Geoff brought out Christmas hats for the whole band and had them play some Christmas tunes which was super fun! Geoff also added keyboardist, Bruno Sa to the band! This addition totally goes with the electronic drums and the generally more theatrical direction Geoff has been going! No, he is not changing the songs. They are still played as the rock hits you know and love! Halfway through the set they bring out the opening bands guitarist, James Brown, to join them for the rest of the show! So in essence most of Geoff’s band plays two sets with 3 guitarists! Have I mentioned they are talented? If you haven’t seen these guys live you’re missing out!


Singer - Geoff Tate

Guitarist - Kieran Robertson

Guitarist - Alex Hart

Bassist - Jack Ross

Drummer - Danny Laverde

Keyboard - Bruno Sa



Another Rainy Night (Without You)

Dersert Dance

I Am I

Sacred Ground

Best I Can

Real World

Breaking the Silence

I Don't Believe in Love



Walk in the Shadows

Take Hold of the Flame

Jet City Women

Silent Lucidity

Silver Bells

Queen of the Reich

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