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Geoff Tate at the Arcada Theatre, St. Charles IL 9-28-23

Thursday night brought Geoff Tate back to the Arcada Theatre for his yearly show!

Speaking of which, this is my third year in a row seeing him here! So clearly he puts on a great show! Which is why I find it surprising the amount of people I've come across that have not seen him in a decade or more! And let me tell you, you are missing out! Geoff himself sounds great still and isn't overly theatrical for a rock show! I've also seen two variations of his band and they are always super tight! I know the Empire album like the back of my hand. Not that I can play it, I'm just the photographer (but you know what I mean), so whenever those songs are played you best believe I'm nitpicking them! I have yet to hear any major hiccups during the shows! Knowing the Empire album so well is probably why I was rather excited Geoff Tate brought out the saxophone again! For the record, because I know some of y'all that I talked to before the show thought I was crazy, he didn't play the saxophone at last years Christmas show! I guess y'all need to see him more often so we're on the same page! Something else you might not know is that any guitar nerd would probably love his shows because Geoff likes to bring along a handful of guitarists! This time around he had his guitar/stage tech along with Amaury Altmayer play a few songs on top of his two guitarists James Brown and Dario Parente who play the entire show! It's a rather fun sight to see! Honestly one of the main reasons I see shows repeatedly is because they are genuinely just having a blast on stage doing what they love, and Geoff Tate is definitely one of them! So if you haven't seen him in the last five years you need to get yourself a ticket!


Singer - Geoff Tate

Guitarist - James Brown

Guitarist - Dario Parente

Guitarist - Amaury Altmayer

Drummer - Danny Laverde



Desert Dance

I am I

Sacred Ground

The Thin Line

One Foot In Hell

The Right Side Of My Mind

Operation: Mindcrime

Breaking The Silence

I Don't Believe In Love

Wot We Do


Screaming In Dial

Walk In The Shadows

Another Rainy Night (Without You)

Jet City Woman

Silent Lucidity


Welcome To The Machine

Take Hold Of The Flame

Queen Of The Reich


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