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Orianthi, Brother Cane and Stone Horses at the Arcada Theatre, St. Charles IL 11-18-23

Nothing better on a Saturday night than some bluesy rock-n-roll at the Arcada Theatre! Started off the night with the Stone Horses from Baltimore MD! These guys really “brought it”, if you know what I mean. They had the crowd participating and singing back to them! Not always an easy task as an opening band… for a handful of reasons. Also, I was personally impressed by how well their filler talk was, you know in between songs when you have to tune and promote your music at the same time. A lot of bands suck at this! Musically, I think Stone Horses was a fabulous addition to the set!

Speaking of which, Brother Cane was up next! In all honesty, they are the reason I was at this show! If you’ve never seen them before, they are a class act, fantastic musicians who have been doing this for years and really know how to bring a true rock show to the audience! I’ve seen two variations of their band and both are great! I love that the members also play with other bands. They genuinely just love playing with whoever they can! Singer and guitarist, Damon Johnson, can also be seen out playing with Lynrd Skynrd. You may also recognize him from his time in the band Thin Lizzy! Guitarist Tony Higbee and drummer Jarred Pope both play with Tom Keifer of Cinderella. Of course, we can’t forget the founding member of Brother Cane, Mr. Glenn Maxey!

Anyway, back to the actual show. They played both of their brand new singles “Blinded By The Sun” and "Are You In There Anymore?”! Both tracks were released just a few months ago! A favorite part of their set, probably for everyone, is when Damon does some guitar slides with his microphone during the song “Machete” I believe! Just some raw rock-n-roll fun!

Heading this night of blues and rock-n-roll was the lovely Orianthi from Australia! I was telling one of my photographer friends, her video for “According To You” was one of the last video I remember seeing on MTV before they stopped playing music videos! It was great hearing this song, as well as tunes from artists she’s played with like Michelle Jackson! She also played tunes from her music idols like Santana, ZZ Top and B.B. King! I loved the different mix and renditions of the songs!

It was a fun night jam packed with bluesy rock n roll!

Stone Horses

Brother Cane