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SteelHeart and Jack Russell's Great White at Arcada Theatre, in St. Charles Illinois 9-3-21

SteelHeart and Jack Russell's Great White rocked the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois on September 3rd! It was a cloudy day and myself along with a few hundred other people decided to kick off their Labor Day weekend with a great double header rock show! I always love going to the Arcada Theatre! I have been going there for decade or so and have come to know some of the staff and most of the Arcada VIPs! Always like a little family reunion, with everyone having the same music tastes that is! That being said, it's no surprise I'd have to say this was one of my personal favorite shows so far this year!

Even though SteelHeart was headlining I was personally there for Jack Russell's Great White! I have seen Jack many times and always try to catch them when they come through town! So no surprise that they gave a killer performance! Anyone who's seen them before knows that Robby is the one to watch for! He's a bit crazy (in a good way), never in one place for long and always whipping that guitar around! This band has no issue getting up close and personal with the crowd! There was actually a time Robby got so close to me my camera couldn't focus on him! Lol! But Tony and Dan don't let Robby have all the fun, just as much interacting with the crowd and making faces at each other! I'm always impressed by the multitalented Tony who plays guitar, piano and harmonica during shows, which is no small feat! Jack Russell himself sounded absolutely great on vocals! There's someone who never stoped doing his craft, aka singing! And it shows!


Singer - Jack Russell

Guitarist - Robby Lochner

Guitarist - Tony Montana

Bassist - Dan McNay

Drummer - Ken K Mary


1.) Call It Rock 'n' Roll

2.) Heart the Hunter

3.) Lady Red Light

4.) Mista Bone

5.) Save Your Love

6.) Desert Moon

7.) All Over Now

8.) Rock Me

9.) Can't Shake It (The Angels cover)

10.) Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter cover)

I wasn't sure what to expect from the headliners SteelHeart, as this was my first time seeing them live! (Yes, I know crazy, right?!) But I was thoroughly impressed! Miljenko Hit those insanely high notes fairly well, and the band was tight! No complaints from this musical hard ass! Drum solo's are always a highlight for me, when bands do them! It shows how truly talented (or not so talented) the backbone of the group is! So I was rather glad they showcased Mike! Of course as a photographer I also got a kick out of Miljenko getting as close to me as Robby Lochner even though as I mentioned earlier, this was my first time seeing them! Like I always say, I'm here to make you feel like hot shit, so ham it up! It was a blast, and a great way to kick off the holiday weekend!


Singer - Miljenko Matijevic

Guitarist - Joe Pessia

Drummer - Mike Humbert


  1. Blood Pollution (Steel Dragon cover)

  2. Livin' the Life (Steel Dragon cover)

  3. My Dirty Girl

  4. Gimme Gimme

  5. Cabernet

  6. She's Gone

  7. Everybody Loves Eileen

  8. I'll Never Let You Go

  9. We All Die Young


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