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Warrant with acoustic Trixter in Gibson City IL, 8-6-21

Friday August 8th Warrant with special guest acoustic Trixter rocked the small town of Gibson City, IL at an out outdoor fest! The small town of Gibson City, population of 3,500, put together this summer fest in honor of all the healthcare workers that worked through this crazy pandemic! The town set up an outdoor stage in the middle of one of their main brick roads, which is not something you see often anymore! This event was free and people were encouraged to bring lawn chairs to enjoy the show, however there was a front barricaded VIP section just for the healthcare workers!

People started strolling in around 7pm enjoying some of the local food and drink vendors that were set up for the show! Just in time for sunset acoustic Trixter hit the stage! This acoustic trio of Steve Brown, PJ Farley and Ben Hans played all the Trixter hits as well as a few of PJ's solo songs! Oh, Steve said they had a request to do a Van Halen song which they happily played, Robert Mason of Warrant even joined in on this tune! I'm personally a sucker for a good acoustic, and this defiantly was one of them! As some might know, Steve Brown and PJ Farley are original members of Trixter so their chemistry and onstage banter is effortless! At one point during their performance Steve's mic went out and without a hitch he switched with PJ and did some improve crowd participation while the techs got his mic back on! This is a showcase of real musicians! No one freaked out or just stopped playing while they got it fixed, all three musicians seamlessly continued playing and just followed Steve’s lead! True top notch musicians!


Lean Vocals/Guitar - Steve Brown

Bass - PJ Farley

Percussion - Ben Hans

Just before dark the street of Gibson City was packed full with fans eagerly waiting for Warrant to take the stage! Of course the band played all the hits along with some off of 'Dog Eat Dog' which has become a rather popular fan favorite album lately! The night of the show happed to be current singer/frontman Robert Mason's Birthday, so of course he got a short Happy Birthday song from everyone! Ironically (and incase you didn't know) the 10 year anniversary of original singer Jani Lane is August 11, 2021! Speaking of members, original bassist Jerry Dixon is not currently touring with them, instead they have Robbi Crane joining them this year! Apparently one of the ladies upfront was feeling nostalgic and actually through her bra up on stage which Robert promptly hung on his mic stand! Warrant ended the night by bringing Steve Brown and PJ Farley back on stage for "Cherry Pie"!


Lead Vocals - Robert Mason

Guitar - Joey Allen

Guitar - Erik Turner

Bass - Robbi Crane

Drums - Steven Sweet

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