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Winger and BulletBoys at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles IL 4-29-22

There was on and off rain most of the evening, but that did stop anyone from seeing these bands! Bulletboys started off the show, playing hits like “Smooth Up In Ya” along with a deep cut apparently off an album you can no longer buy! Marq Torien also talked about the album coming out soon! Yes Marq is the only original member with an all new backing band after disputes in the band. Sad, but it’s also not good to have a toxic band relationship. Plus I have to say the whole band sounded great!

Winger headlined this show and put on a great show like usual! Kip Winger is a regular at the Arcada with his acoustic shows as well as full bands shows! As some might know guitarist Reb Beach is not currently touring with Winger because he is on tour with Whitesnake. Bummer to many I know, but Jake Faun did a great job filling in! A personal highlight for me was Kip calling out people he knew were in the crowd! First off singing and early Happy Birthday to the Arcada owner Ron and then to a fan he knew was at the show who was turning 17! And hopefully we all know why 17 is important! I’d also like to mention that both bands had drum solos in their set, which I love! Rods was better hands down! No offense. You can tell when real musicians have been doing this awhile, because they can freestyle and pull great riffs out of thin air! Yes I’m still talking about percussion, but this goes for any instrument! All in all it was a fun night with two great bands!

Bulletboys Band :

Marq Torien - lead vocals and guitar

Ira Black - guitar

Brad Land - bass

Fred Aching - drums

Winger Band:

Kip Winger - lead vocals and bass

Paul Taylor - guitar and keyboard

John Roth - guitar

Jake Faun - guitar


1.) Battle Stations

2.) Seventeen

3.) Rat Race

4.) No Man's Land

5.) Miles Away

6.) Hungry

7.) Stone Cold Killer

8.) Down Incognito

9.) Guitar Solo (John Roth)

10.) Time to Surrender

11.) Guitar Solo (Jake Faun)

12.) Deal With the Devil

13.) Drum Solo / Jam

14.) Rainbow in the Rose

15.) Headed for a Heartbreak

16.) Can't Get Enuff

17.) Easy Come Easy Go

18.) Madalaine

19.) Saint Solos

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